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Last week of South Island

sunny 20 °C

Went to Queenstown and did canyoning at Routeburn (45min drive from Queenstown). This involves abseiling, climbing, swimming, jumping and sliding down waterfalls and following the water to the bottom of the canyon. Was a great day!

Headed down to Milford Sound, went on a cruise boat and saw lots of seals. The mountains around the harbour where the boat left from was so beautiful. Stayed at Gunn’s Camp, a valley close to Milford Sound, which were cute little cabins but there was so many sand flies.

Once got back to Queenstown, went on a 4x4 adventure up to Macetown. The guide/driver told us so many interesting facts about the gold mining around this area. The journey took us up mountains, across various rivers (through the water) and the scenery was to die for.

Went to Mount Cook which is the third glacier area have had the privileged of seeing within the south island. The hostel we stayed in had an amazing few of Mt Cook.

Went to Kaikoura where I got up at 4am to go 25 mins out on boat into the ocean and find LOTS of wild dusky dolphins. This was just amazing, I cannot find the words to describe the experience as got to get into the water and swim with them. Defiantly something ticked off the list to do before I am 30!

Headed back over on the ferry to the north island for my last week in New Zealand.

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First week on South Island

sunny 22 °C

Got the ferry from Wellington to Picton where we met the Stray bus again.

Went to Marlborough which is a famous vineyard, therefore got to do wine tasting! Backpackers trying to be posh 

Headed to Abel Tasman National Park which was another beautiful place. So far I have to say that Stray do have some amazing places to stay on this trip that I don’t think as an individual traveller would find. Whilst here went for walk to the beach and chilled out there for the day. The water was so clear!

Next day went to Punakaiki where there are some pancake rocks overlooking the ocean – again a beautiful view. The hostel we stayed at was more like a holiday home in the rainforest overlooking the beach. I can easily say this is the best accommodation so far travelling. Little things made this place, own kitchen (with an oven!), pool table, lounge area with bean bags and sofas and the bedrooms were well designed to get lots of people in without being crowded at all. Just perfect 

Spent 2 nights at Franz Josef where I went on a Heli Hike. This included a helicopter over Franz Josef glacier which was amazing, I got to sit in the front also so the view was great. First time I have ever been in a helicopter! When got on the ice went and found some little tunnels and holes to go through which was really cool.

Spent 3 nights at Fox Glacier. This was the best glacier by far. I did ice climbing day, set off at 8am and got back at 6pm. Was exhausted but was well worth it. Ice climbing on a glacier wall is a lot harder than in a big freezer in Manchester! We also went to find some caves and tunnels but could do better was as abseiled down into them & climbed back out.

Spent 3 nights in Wanaka where I went to Puzzle world which is an illusion building and a maze, so that was cool!! Pretending to hold a building up etc! Also hired a bike and decided to bike around some of Lake Wanaka, amazingly beautiful place here with mountains all around and a beautiful lake in the middle. So glad I got to spend so long here.

Off to Queenstown tomorrow which should keep me busy!

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Week 2 In New Zealand

overcast 15 °C

Stayed in Rotorua for a couple of nights with around 12 of us from the Stray bus. We got a bus to the green and blue lakes which are around 9km from Rotoura, had an hour walk around the lakes before heading back to the hostel.

Went to Lake Aniwhenua falls and also another maori culture stop here. They showed us how to cook a Hangi and also got to eat this for dinner too! They cook the food in a hole in the ground by trapping in the steam created from water on the hot coals underneath the food. The taste was amazing!!

Stayed a night in Taupo which has a MASSIVE lake, a volcano made a crater which filled with water 26,000 year ago. Pretty cool when you think about it! Also went to Hot and Cold, this is where one river is boiling hot water heated by a hot spring from one direction and another river is cold. The hot river then has a small waterfall to join the cold one. Very weird feeling as at certain place it was hot on top but cold at the bottom (wasn’t very deep where they connected)

Stayed a night at Whakahoro which is a farm in the middle of no where! But was just beautiful, went for a couple hours walk to see few waterfalls as well which was ace.

Next stop was the Tongariro National Park, went for a walk around 2 hours ish, which got great views of Mount Doom & Mt Ruapehu. Deffo somewhere to go for a walking holiday!

There was an earthquake whilst at the National Park, but based 50Km outside of Wellington, but we still felt it in Tongariro which was cool. It was 6.2 and 90km deep so not a serious one.

Lastly for the north island, headed to Wellington, the shaky wet capital city. The first day when got there did nothing but rain but the second day cleared up so went up Mt Victoria to see 360 degrees view of the capital and then to Te Papa Musuem which explains all about earthquakes, volcanoes and also went into the different culture and settlements in New Zealand.

Got the ferry over to the south island for more adventures to come!

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Week 1 in New Zealand

overcast 18 °C

Flew from Brisbane to Auckland where I stayed for a few days. Whilst in Auckland I visited the Auckland Harbour, Sky Tower, Auckland Domain, Mount Eden, Mount Victoria and Devonsport.

I started on the Stray bus on Sunday where they pick you up outside your hostel and get everyone to introduce themselves etc before heading to the office to sign in and a Stray orange pass (so can get on and off the bus)

The first day we went to the Hot Water Beach. This is where you dig a hole in the sand and the water that comes through is hot (as hot as a bath) Stop off in Thames before heading to Hahei Beach where there is a beautiful beach and Cathedral Cove.

The second day we went to Bridal Veil Waterfall, which was just so beautiful and spent a night in Raglan in a cabin style hostel which is in the middle of forest, really cute hostel.

The third day we went to Waitomo Caves where I did the TumuTumu Toobing which was all underground and involved climbing rocks, swimming in the water also jumping off rocks on to black inflatable items. The guide, Brad, was amazing as well. Saw LOTS of glowworms, the reason they glow is to attract insects etc and this is threw lightening up their poo.

In the evening went and stayed at a Wharenui (a Maori meeting house). Within this night they gave us entry in to their lifestyles, such as no shoes, drink or food in the area where we slept. They give pray to everything – always what they have not -asking for more. Stories from their tradition, after showing us their traditional dances and getting the girls to learn the poi and the boys to learn the Haka. This night taught me a lot and honestly was one of the most amazing things so far.

The fourth day went to the geothermal mud baths. This was extremely weird as one pool temperature would be different to the next pool temperature. There were hot and cold pools metres from each other. Got to put mud over my hands and feet and it makes your skin extremely soft!

So far on the travels in New Zealand my main comment would be BEAUTIFUL scenery… the hills, mountains, old volcanoes, waterfalls etc, the list goes on and on.

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Update on my New Zealand Travels

storm 30 °C

Not long now until I get to explore this amazing country :D

Flight booked for 8 Jan and return back on 24 Feb. Booked the Stray bus, which is a bus that takes you around the north and sound island and you can hop on and off as you please. There is a schedule you can keep but you can also add in your own events etc if you want (which of course i do!) so this has the perfect flexibility that i need.

I have booked a few tours over in New Zealand too which I am looking forward to getting involved in!!

The weather will be colder then in Australia so time to get my jumpers back out of hiding and get ready to feel the cold and to adventure new Zealand :)

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